• Best Drummer Award (Times of India 2004) 
  • Placed Third at “Bosco Beats” (2005), a musical competition at Don Bosco School in the instrumental category.
  • Best Performer Award (The Daily Telegraph 2006)
  • Best Performance by a musical group (St Xaviers Foundation, 2006)
  • Best Performer at “Rhapsody Fest” (Salt Lake School 2006)
  • Placed First at the regional band competition in “Children`s Book Fair” (2006), Kolkata.
  • All rounder award (Salt Lake School 2007)
  • Best Musical Performance by a student band (Times of India 2007)
  • TATA STEEL Millenium Scholarship for the most all round achieving student from (2008-2012).
  • Selected as a judge for the Western Musical Competition organised by the Daily Telegraph in Don Bosco School, Calcutta (2012)
  • “Parivartan Achievers Award” for a unique initiative and bringing about change in society through Lexicon (March 2013).